Global Research on Sustainable Transport and Logistic


Transformative Trends Shaping the Future of Transportation and Logistics Management


Driving Humanitarian Logistics: Enhancing Efficiency and Impact in the Logistics Business.This conference aims to explore the interplay between humanitarian logistics and the broader logistics business sector. While the primary focus is on humanitarian efforts, the conference recognizes the interconnectedness between humanitarian logistics and commercial logistics activities.


Urban transportation planning must consider land use planning and growth patterns of cities. Integrated transport master plans should be developed considering future growth and expansion. Short, medium, and long term transportation plan need to be developed and implemented.


Ports technology and sustainability as a competitive advantage, Digitalized and connected supply chains, Port renewable infrastructure, Increased part collaboration driven by pressure on margin and technological development leading to more transparent ecosystem, Crew exchange, Tourism and leisure, Waste management, International policy, Green port, and other relevant topics.


Transportation management is a major part of urban planning and development. Urban areas worldwide are rapidly expanding and so is the urban population. Urban planning majorly impacts how much a city supports business growth, and of which transportation management has a key role to play.


"Managing Growth in A Distruptive Environment in Aviation Industry Jakarta, 1-2 August 2019


A large number of logistics startups were mentioned as potential disruptors in the areas of freight rates quoting, crowd shipping, end-to-end shipping, Fleet Management and data analytics. One category of disruptor  let’s call it “local network builders† bucks the conventional model of centralized warehousing and expansive transportation networks for a distributed, localized structure that exploits the benefits of speed and dynamic flexibility at a competitive cost.


The 1st global research on sustainable transport will be held on 22nd – 23rd November 2017 at Hall of Trisakti Institute of Transportation, the theme of GRoST 2017 paper conference will focus on a range of topics related to research in Transportation, Sustainable Information and Technology, Supply Chain Management, Business and Tourism.